New Server 12/29 - [US] Unreal Survival |100 Slot|Active Friendly Admins| Sleepers/PVP|

Server name: [US] Unreal Survival |1/2 Craft|Sleepers|PVP|Active Admins| 12/29

Server ip:

Press F1, and type net.connect

This is a new server that was recently started on 12/29. The server is still very fresh with a low population.
This is a good time for new players, and veteran players, to get on and learn the game and start building up without fully loaded players hindering your progress. We have active friendly players that are willing to answer questions and help out.
We hope to add a website and teamspeak/mumble access in the near future.

Server Settings:
100 Slots (may change with population demand)
1/2 time crafting
PVP active
Sleepers on
Minimum players for supply drops: 3 (Will change as population increases)
There are currently no wipes planned, unless one is required for server update.

Admin Guidelines:
No teleporting for easy travel.
No giving out free supplies.
No uber tools.
No godmode (unless dealing with a hacker).
We do not tolerate admin abuse of any kind. The purpose of the admins is to deal with server issues, like hackers or exploits, and player issues, such as getting stuck.

Server Rules:
No hacking or using any exploits (i.e., no duping).
No impersonating admins.
No racism in any form.
No advertising.
Everything else goes. We encourage the forming of alliances/rivalries. This is a survival game. Trust people at your own risk.

Once the server population increases and the website is up, we would like to schedule events.

We are always open to suggestions from players. We would like to hear your feedback and ideas for events or changes to the server. We want to establish a good community for player to enjoy the game. Help the server grow and help us make it a great experience for all players.

Thanks for showing your interest.

Hope to see you on the server,