New Server 2/23/14- No Craftable C4, Ultra Rare Military Weapons, Air-drops (no Explosive), Rare Research Kits, PVP, Sleepers, Door Sharing++

Hello, just got a new server started up. Took along time to configure here is the setup:


Server: USA Chicago

Server Started on 2/23/14 Brand new!
ARENA SETUP! Player Controlled Matches by Command!
Airdrops (8People for now until we get more) (No explosives in airdrop)
C4 Is Not Craftable
Military Weapons Are Rare! You will care when you find one, Not Craftable
Starter Kits
Kevlar is also Rare you can craft but will require 60 Low Quality Metal Each piece!
Door Sharing
Private Messaging

This server is ment to take time to get godly! You wont be raided instantly and it will give you that Hell yea effect when you loot the goods!"]

Good server!

thx! and for everyone else plz post here aggain if u can remember to, and join the server!

Fresh nice server no lag friendly admin just need more ppl

GREAT SERVER! awesome admin awesome mods. just need more people. come populate with us!

Been playing for awhile Loot tables are reasonable, friendly admins, and a decent 25+ population on currently and growing.

Awesome server! No lag, Great Admins, Nice mods to make the game fun, and we need more people so come join the server!

cool server think ill come play

Great Server come check it out!

free bump for being awesome

Servers maintaining 20+ at 1am EST. Good population being maintained and plenty of room

population growing! awesome server

THX GUYS its 7am and now 5ppl calming down a tad lol everyone sleeping

having some great fun so far!

free bump for an awesome server runs smooth no lag no clipping no cheaters admins act quick and best of all NO ADMIN ABUSE

IDK about the above comment… u guys abuse the admin alot! lol I’m always dien

lets grow this server!

maintains 20+ people most of the time. no big power houses due to the slow progression which I love! c4 is rare so a few metal door base will last you a long time. admins are great and quick and play as normal players. if it got 10 to 20 more people steady playing it will be one of the best servers available

Get on while u can, will most likely get crazy again tonight!

I, and my entire group, was just banned from this server for me ‘speed hacking’ while I was lagging. He claims it was clearly speed hacking, my whole crew heard me lagging on mumble and my complaints the last couple days about how my internet has been shit.

The server itself was decent. Just watch out for the admins banning you if you KOS everyone, especially the admin’s mom, over and over again.