NEW SERVER!! ACTIVE ADMIN!! CLAN WARS!! SLP/PVP - 256 slots - Reinkaos

Come join our server and work with or against other players! Active Admin, Fairly Frequent Air Drops, Help for new players, Help restarting.

We are looking for clans that want to battle it out for resources!!

We are noob friendly :slight_smile: Come by and say hello, ask for help if you need it.

**RK-Clan Wars-USW-SLP/PVP-256slot - net.connect - Brand New Server
-RK Autohate.

Fun server, fun buncha guys willing to help out anyone who asks.

Starting to build our Rock Fight colosseum today!! :slight_smile:

rock fight ok…

We have 1v1 naked rock duels!!! we bet on ppl lol