New Server, always empty, ideas anyone?

I’ve recently bought a 16 slot 66Tick server which I set up for build, so it has all the usual addons (PHX3, Wire, PewPew, Evolve Admin mod, a set of useful build tools).
I don’t know how to get people playing on my server, I’ve added a few maps to make it a little more unique because let’s face it, there are a lot of empty build servers on gm_flatgrass.

I really need some ideas on how to get this server populated. A few friends have told me to ‘make it different than the other servers’, but how? It’s a build server, it can’t really be that unique; should make it specialized with certain contraptions? (Eg: Water build, etc) Should I start a clan and begin hosting forums?

What should I do? And what would you like from a build server to make you, as a player, become a regular visitor?
I’d really appreciate some ideas!

By chance are you looking for any admins because i have been looking for a server where me and my friend can build at without a limit on most of the tools we can use?

Yes ofcourse, anyone is welcome to join and I am looking for admins. I’m still looking for tips / tricks to increase the population however.
If you’d like to join, here’s the IP address:

What’s the name of it?
You would want to clearly advertise it as a build server. Even putting ‘X’s build server’ as the title will normally attract more users, as it’s simple and advertises it as what they want.

You should play on it as well if you don’t a lot. People will much prefer a server with players than an empty one. Get some friends on it.

It’s called 'KillSlim’s UK Build [PHX3/Wire/Evolve/+OtherbuildTools/66Tick]
I play on it as much as my imagination lets me.

Server sounds nice. Players will join eventually as long as you don’t overload it with add-ons.

I can help you get it populated by making and designing a forum for you.

That’s very nice of you, but I think I’ll decline the offer as it may prove to be too much of a hasstle.

I would say just post the IP below and some people might join, Im running a server right now and I get lots of people to join. But I have a Dark rp sooooo yeah. really cant help you there

have a heart

By the way…I am working on a new map and probably spent about the last 4 hours working on it.

Edit: This map may have a chance of being on the server.

Honestly I’d remove Wire altogether.
Do you know how much of a burden it is to make everyone who joins your server download Wire? Half of the people who join your server likely don’t even know how to use it or find it annoying like me.

For members, you can do this:
Make a clan/group/cult/whatever and invite a bunch of your friends at once.

If you don’t have any, go out and meet. There are a lot of friendlies on STEAM servers (I’ve found a lot on Team Fortress 2, but an occasional few on GMod servers) who will add you because they often like making friends.

Invite, and then play. If people join your group and your server gains activity, it means you’ve done it right.

Also, many people like to roleplay, so you can get that if you’re willing to accept the flame you will get for it.

Wouldn’t be much of a hassle for me… But I’ll tell my friends about the server, we don’t have enough good 'ol build servers these days…

There is no burden at all if the people joining have wiremod installed on their computers. There is no way I am uninstalling Wire from my build server.
I’ve made a Steam group, however I dislike going into other people’s servers (Who could possibly be in the same position as me) and then advertise my own.

RP? No. Just no.

This servers great, good admin, good choice of maps, hardly lags. All it needs is members !

I’ll play on it as long as it’s online KillSlim, and that fun with Pew Pew earlier was great until Charles ruined it :slight_smile:


This is the kind of person you need to attract to your server, you’ll gain popularity by word of mouth. Don’t expect your server to be full right away, you just need to build a name for yourself first :slight_smile:

Good luck.

When I get home to my main PC, I will give your server a try.

Good luck.

Play the server. Invite your friends. Eventually you’ll pick up regulars. Once you have regulars, you can get more players. More players, more regulars.

Give something to keep people interested. Saving time and whatnot, gaining extra privileges for time spent on your server (Nothing like admin though, pick admins yourself)

You don’t need to make it new and different. Instead, make it a place where everyone knows your name, that’s what people want:

Name your server “Tits ass porn HOT XXX”

Your server will always be full.