New Server AntiCrash. Protects server from spamming props inside another.

A little script I just finished. Minges won’t have much luck spamming bridges inside each other anymore.

Bump for visibility.

You don’t need more visibility. If people want it, they’ll find it in releases and download it.

Did you notice it before the bump? And did you enter because of the bump? No I think you were interested in this new script that might help a lot of people.

If you weren’t interested you wouldn’t have clicked on it.

Bump for visibility was necessary.
Plus only server owners will find this helpful so they will be the ones needing to see this thread.

I wasn’t interested, and I saw it in releases. So stop bumping your own thread which wasn’t even needed.

stop whining. if a bump is that offensive to you, you sir, can go die in a hole.

My point is perfectly valid. Your insulting me obviously shows you clearly have no counterargument, making you rather ignorant.

Nice edit, by the way.


Anyway, nice i’ll try it out.

Stop wining

No I just don’t have the time or ambition to argue with stupid internet trolls. I have better things to do.

I like to win, though!

If you don’t have the time to make a valid point in a argument then don’t bother replying

Alligator Semen.

FPP’s antispam already does something similar to this. :psyduck:

Thank you, this is nice for my server.