[NEW SERVER] Are you Tired of Server that wipe all the time? Your problem is solved!

Little About the Server
250Player Slots-Sleepers-PvP-EU Server, Hosted in Central Europe

Finally you can join a server that is not going to be wiped.
We have struggled to create a server that will last for a long time, and its finally complete and is running.

Server started on 23.01.14.
Server has several mods:

STARTING KIT: Just type in chat: /kit starter and you get starting items!
Door share: /share name
teleport to your friend 1tpmax: /tpa Name and /tpaccept [Having Simbols in your name will make the command invalid: Make to sure not to have simbols in your name! Also If you have a Space in your name Make sure to place quotation marks before and after your name:
example: /tpa "My Name"
You can do Quests: /qhelp for more info. Example to start quest: /quest join “More Zombies” Reward: Reward: M4
You can buy in game items with money you gain by killing zombies-wolfs-bears-claiming zombies-killing players 50% of hes money! Check in game items: /price To buy example: /buy “item name” Also you can sell items with: /sell "Item Name"
Add Bounty on people: /bounty Name price kill to claim price. Example: /bounty “Name” price
You can see stats with : /stats

And Many Many more useful commands: Basically type in chat: /help to see all the other commands you can try out!

How to Connect to server: Press F1 And Type this in: net.connect eufr20.playrust.eu:28065
We also have a Team Speak Server if you are interested!


Great server with a good community we just need more players!

Great server! Please people join now! :slight_smile:

How are you dealing with the Problem that the Server will lag if there are too many buildings? and also if somebody is building at a large base it will lag too. For example a group built a pretty impressive building and as soon as it reaches like 1500 structures or so everytime somebody is building on that base the whole server will lag…

We Have a solution on that! We have a admin tool that Enables use to Remove Any structure on the map. After Some time, when server gets to many buildings, admins will take a trip and remove buildings that is empty/unoccupied.
The Server lag Because of to many structures in the map will not be a problem

it’s nice server jojn and play whit us :stuck_out_tongue:



More and more people joining all the time, feel free to join the community/server.

I love the server great admins awesome people and lots fun on the server more people should join the server its awesome

Good server, good and active admins, almost everyone is friendly, a good start!


Cmon people join this shizzeh! :slight_smile:

bumpi dompidi bump! :D:nws:

Heres a short video about the server.


Server Has 20-30 people online. Feel free to join the community^^