New Server as of 2/11/14. US EAST

Friends and I just set up a new server on the East coast. It is a no sleeper, instacraft, and rare c4 server. Constant admin monitoring and zero abuse. Great group of guys already playing, so come join us. Server is located in NY and we’ll have another based in VA shortly.

I’m really enjoying this server. Looks like about 10 players on at any given time. The major reason I want this server to get populated is that the admins are always active and work hard to keep even footing for everyone. We had a super jumping, aimboter on today. It took two minutes to get an admin to take a look at the situation and boot him.

Picture bump!

Just to confirm the easiest way to join is:

  1. Hit F1 after loading the game to bring up the console.
  2. Type “net.connect”
  3. Enter

(User was banned for this post ("image macro" - postal))