New Server - Born 2/20 - Vanilla - US East - Sleepers - PVP - No Mods - No Plugins

The Goons server was created as a place to avoid abusive admins. The admins on this server have dealt with admin abuse on other servers and we know how it’s like to feel cheated. Admin powers are only used to spectate susepcted hackers and to ban them. No abusive powers that ruin the fun core of the game.

  • How to join: Press F1 in game & type net.connect
  • Server Born: 2/20
  • Friendly Community: Perfect for establishing yourself
  • Air Drops: come at 20 players
  • Sleepers: On
  • Crafting Speed: Vanilla
  • Time Scale: Standard
  • Active Mature Admins: Age 25+
  • PVP: Go for it!
  • No Mods
  • No Plugins

Fresh start here ! Great Ping from FL.

No Lag or server issues so far. It’s great!

Thanks for the feedback.

come and join us!



If the server was born 2/20 then why does the title say wiped 2/19?

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I’ll be joining your server when I get home. Been lookin for a new vanilla build.


bump it real good ?



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If you like the server, vote for it HERE to give it more recognition!

And… Voted.

Thanks again

No abusive admins, but definitely abusive and unfriendly players and griefers already. Ran into a 6 man party randomly and they kos without even allowing me to voice chat. Yeah that’s cool. Then they continue to kill naked players on the server, myself included 2 more times. And then all they do was mock me in voice chat while I’m dead on the ground.

“I wanna hear you scream” “Awww you butt hurt” “poor kid we shot him in the back after he said he was friendly.”

Wow you killed a guy with a stone hatchet while you’re wearing full kevlar and have an M4. You’re so cool.

Not a fun server to play on at all.

I’ll reference your bullet point as FALSE.

“- Friendly Community: Perfect for establishing yourself”

I don’t know if that post is serious or you just made it in order to throw shade at a new server for whatever reason.

I can assure you that the admins are not abusive, unfriendly or grief.

What were the names of the players that did that to you?

When did this happen to you? if it was last night than that’s impossible because there wasn’t even that many players on.

Serious post, like I said it wasn’t the admins it was a group of players. Happened last night when you were at a max of 11-12 people online. 6 of them were running around in a group doing this. I don’t care to remember the names of people that are douchebags.