New server browser ranks system...


In last Gmod’s update Garry’s team changed server browser.

I have a problem now with my server because before update it was in TOP 5 servers. After update it is in TOP 20-25 ?
I cant find new players because of that. People looking on servers on top of list.
My server have low latency. I looked at updated and understood I need min. 16 players to be on top. Can I fake it or something? I know it’s pathetic…

Maybe you have other idea? There’s only problem with players count.

The way it’s ranked now isn’t perfect, but it’s much more fair to closer servers (regionally). If you have any suggestions on how to improve the list, post them here:

Should I make new “issue” on github?

If you have an actual way to improve it besides “fix it for my server,” then sure.