NEW SERVER - Canada - Levels Gaming Lounge - Rust Whitelist Server - Adult Admins - Rare Military


Server Name:

[CANADA][Levels Gaming Lounge][Whitelist](details on website)

This server can hold up to 150 survivalists!

Whitelist starts once we reach 30+ active players

About Levels:

Levels Gaming Lounge, will be launching in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, sometime spring 2014!

Levels Lounge will be Ottawa’s go-to gaming hub for all kinds of gamers, tabletop, PC and console gamers, social gamers and even serious competitive gamers.

Take time to check out our website to fill out our online survey and don’t forget to Like us on

It’s not far fetched that the Levels team are also gamers. We thought it’d be a great idea to setup a RUST SERVER for the Ottawa gaming community.

This survivalist server is all you’ll want in a RUST server!

What about this RUST server:


Means we avoid hackers and we screen all members, to bring the right gamers to the server. Whitelist starts when we have 30 active members.

Limited Military

Can not craft or learn:

-M4, 556 Ammo
-P250, 9mm Ammo
-Shotgun, Shotgun Shells
-Kevlar Vest, Pants, Helmet, and Boots
-Explosive Charges
-F1 Grenades


Anything goes, bandits, raids, KoS. That being said there are justice hungry players, out there, who are eager to avenge the weak.

| Sleepers – On | Door Share – On | TP Off | Location – On |

Keep in mind that this is a PVP server, if you’re new to the game expect that you may be hunted down for your precious rock or Torch. Seriously, though, it’s RUST, if you’re killed because you’re on someone’s turf or just ‘because’ please don’t bother Admins for lost items. Instead seek out someone who’s out to avenge!

Whose running the Show:

Currently 4 adults run the server and monitor new members regularly. We’re implementing the whitelist to avoid future hackers. We do ALL THAT WE CAN to avoid any wipes but with updates there’s always a possibility. We will be backing up the server daily.

We are also looking for 2 more Admins, for the overnighters!

Owner and operator of Levels Lounge, Nafe, will be the main admin with admin power. No other admin has power. Nafe (Levels) enjoys this game to the max and does not "/give" items because that would simply ruin the game for him. If you’re a bandit and are thinking to raid his base, go for it, he loves the challenge. Don’t be afraid to shoot admin lol
(PS Expect his base door to always be open!)

*If you spot a potential hacker bring it to Admin attention so we can monitor them. If they’re hacking, they’ll be banned and reported to VAC.