New Server Chicago [Oxide]|Door Share|No Fall Dmg***|PVP|1/2 Craft|Sleeper|C4 Drops only|

Hi all.

Just wanted to add my new server here to maybe get some more activity out there. The title is pretty much it. We are running the /List, /History, /Pm mods on top of the regular mods Atm.

We also allow Starter kits, with the Stone Hatchet, some food and a shelter.(Possibly to change).
Also we currently have Fall Damage off due to the hack that is out there. Once that is resolved, it will be back to normal. **
We will/do have active admins, and will possibly look for more if the server becomes more active and if it requires it.
Any reports of cheaters, will be dealt with ASAP. Please contact an Admin VIA PM or Steam. Please do not announce this VIA chat to alert them, so we can’t catch them in the act. And respect the Admins decision on the matter.
Also, C4 is not craftable, can only be found in Air drops (currently set to 15 players
Possibly to be higher later
) and Zombies, to allow more interaction with people via PVP.

We have ZERO tolerance with Admin abuse. I have a Co-Admin/owner with Rcon access that will not allow this either with our admins. And it is monitored for it.
As Admins we like to have fun as a player and as Admins. For example, by putting a box of goodies in a random place surrounded by Spike walls ETC to make it challenging and interesting for people to get. Simply messing with someone with the Admin suit on tossing flares around your base or w/e we can think of to mess with you a bit for some fun. :slight_smile: Or assisting people when they get stuck in a silly hole or w/e the case my be.

We will only wipe if we need to. I.E Game update or hackers screw things up a lot and it would just be easier to do.

So please come and check us out, and support us!
Our Server IP/Port is