New Server -Cold Beer- Launched 6/3 PVP/No Dura/Airdrops10/ Active admin

Join now while the hunting is good. Small welcome kit for new players when I see you online.

First page of server list when sorted by name.
– [US East] Cold Beer NEW 6/3 PVP/AirDrops10/NoDura/

Come on out!

Mods added, loot table adjusted.

No Explosives will drop, so C4 won’t be craftable. Increased the drop rates and amounts of C4 in air drops, and added very slight chance of C4 drop from rad animals.

Self-remove tool added. Currently will give you back a portion of mats spent on objects on your foundations. Simply hit twice with pick axe. Good for expanding your base or removing misplaced walls/pillars.

Starting to get more consistent players. Join up now and get ahead of the curve.

Trying to freeze day/night cycle to prevent lag spikes.