New Server ! Come Join!

Hello Rust Community,

Myself and a few friends rented a new server this weekend and named it Darktide. Come join and have some fun with us! We have active admins, and are very welcoming to new players, and vets alike.

(User was banned for this post ("missed the servers subforum" - postal))

Ehhhh nope thanks.Enjoy the ban :wink:

(User was banned for this post ("Shitposting" - UberMensch))

If i wasn’t supposed to post this here my apologies, feel free to delete. Ghor you are an awesome person keep it up

I am not able to ban people or delete Posts.Im only tell this cause every 10 minutes someone post ,Hey got a new Server, and it would banned because they choose the wrong Forum.

For the Future.On the Topic is an extra Area for Server Owner.So Post it next Time there

Noted, Thanks for the info

For the future for you, backseat moderating can also get you a ban…

How dare he help someone and tell them where to post…

No thank you.

I am talking about this you buttface. :zoid:

Wouldnt be my first and not my last.I think you know what i mean :wink:

whenever I see this avatar I always think of the part with Light - “I TAKE A CHIP AND THEN EAT IT!”

In the anime, L is always eating weird shit, I just think of almost every episode with him in it! :v:

think he meant this not L xD

I know he did, but David’s avatar is L, not Light.

You mean how dare he start with an arrogant attitude on a post, and threaten with a ban?

That i am saying ehh nope is also a Arrogant Attitude?Wow nice to know.Many thanks to you

Whats the ip? O.o