New server concepts for post-wipe startup

With a patch on the way and a possible world-wide server wipe along with it, I sat down today to think of ways to put a fresh, post-wipe spin on our server. I came up with a few ideas which I’ve listed below. While I think I’ve got a good start, I’d like to here any ideas you may have as well.

Post-wipe setup (rough):

Theme: Rust Island Triads

- Server will launch with three primary clans.  New players are welcome to join any clan, play by themsleves, or bring their own group. Would love to see "factions" within the three main clans formed of smaller groups.  The three primary clans will be a in a constant state of war.  This is my plan for preventing the eventual friend zone that often makes old servers boring.

- Server will also launch with a large PVE zone in Hacker Valley.  In this zone all damage, both to players and bases, will be turned off.  This PVE zone will be a safe haven for those that simply want to build and be part of the community.  I will try to find objectives for this community to build towards, with some appropriate rewards for the active members.  Triad clans and non-PVE clans will not be allowed to build in the safe zone (still thinking of how to regulate this, maybe a volunteer mayor for the community...)  PVE players can leave the safe zone and stealth through the map if they so choose.

- I've dialed in my slow progression settings over the last month and they will be applied again for this setup.  The high end items, such as military guns, kevlar, C4, etc. are very rare, and will require days or even weeks for players to become fully loaded. If you haven't tried a setup like this, find a slow progression server after the wipe. The pipe shotgun battles are epic!    

- To give players more to do, an economy will be used as a sort of leaderboard.  A small, yet significant, amount of credit will be paid to players for time in game.  This ensures that all players will have some cash in their pockets. Clans can show their effort/dominance based on how much money they have earned. The economy settings are balanced with the loot system, so players no longer have to solely rely on winning an airdrop PVP battle to get the good stuff. However, prices are high and making money is slow, so buying items is something to save up for.  Hope to see clans with extra money be able to supply new recruits with the cash to buy supplies, etc. in exchange for their loyalty.

- A twist on the economy system is that when you die, you lose 100% of your credit. Paper will be set up as the buy/sell exchange to keep your money safe. Similar to gold during the mining days of the 1800s. ie: Before you log out, you convert your cash to paper stacks, and store them in a safe place. If you want to buy something off the market later, you sell your paper for credit.  Hope to see massive clan bases where players horde their paper in a vault. PVE players can use paper to buy, sell and trade like a regular community.

- As an admin I hope to provide daily or weekly missions for players or groups. Not the typical, boring kill 20 rabbits missions, but rather missions described on our Steam group page for things like "Race to build a 50 story tower and earn $10K. Optional: Film group jumping off tower and earn $20K!."

- Last, I would like to see the Steam community page become an essential part of the server.  It will be the place for leaderboards, announcements, feedback, missions, etc. I feel like a lot of players work hard and do cool things in the game, but never really share their achievements with other players. 

If you’ve got a great idea to add to the list, please share it below and I’ll see if we can make it happen.

I’m also looking for admin help, as I’m doing this solo right now. I don’t foresee this setup being a lot of work, but I would really appreciate the help with things like checking the server status, updating the steam page, advertising, etc. If you like where I’m headed, shoot me a PM. Would be kind of cool if we had a total of three admins, one for each triad.

Thanks for reading this post! [cough], novel…

I really like the PvE and PvP on the same map, as someone who has stuck to PvE but wanted to try PvP (but everytime I do within an hour i’m sick of KoS and leave) a map that offered both would be amazing.

What mods do you use to do all this? I’m a bit of a new server owner, so I’m
Not aware of everything. I would assume oxide? I love the ideas. Makes things interesting.

Anyone have experience with PVE zones? Sounds like they may be easily exploited. Must be a way to make it work as intended.

Sounds neat but 12 year olds will find a way to make it terrible.

Been thinking of a very similar set up however instead of a area wide PvE zone set up a city or sorts that is completely safe. Allowing people within the city to be friendly and have guards of sorts while still allowing bandits to come try raid and provide danger to people from the city. This allows PvE players to safely store their stuff and live with others in the city while allowing them to PvP and raid the bandits if they so wish.

I agree with military guns on a longer delay after wipe. Our server was wiped and someone got an m4 10 minutes in and pretty much destroyed the server.

i want to do the same using pve and pvp zones but currently its not doable (as far as i researched)

A zone system has been created by a friend of mine, it does work. I buiult a huge building, made cover, tracks to run across and added weapons to storage crates that were used to make cover, the battles were epic. HOW EVER, the lag you get as stuff renders into the game just ruined the Battles. When stuff renders in at 20 feet (Storage crates Ramps and other stuff) and you get the momentary lag, people get pissed off and end up leaving the battle. Im saddened that the game cant be optimized as it is built to allow for better game play. I have a ton of great ideas for this game and every one I have spoken to has said the same bjt the Devs seem to be on their on path and dont think the community matters. My opinion and in my country, its legal to speak my opinions so you fan boys can bite it!

Sounds cool. I was wondering how a market would be established. Would players be able to spend money to get items from the admin?

Best Idea Ever, if its gonna happen what is your server?

Sounds fun, feel free to add me on Steam so i might be able to help you.

Just got the server wiped and everything set except for the economy (waiting on a plugin update, should be ready soon). Should be a lot of fun to see how the PVP-PVE mix goes!

PM me if you want the server IP. I don’t want to break the forum rules by advertising here.

My biggest reservation with the PvP-PvE split is this:

You raid someone, take all of their stuff, you take all of it over to hacker valley and stash it away where no one can hurt you…
Doesn’t that seem a little cheap to you?

Definitely. I have installed probe and stats so we can see who has a structure in the PVE zone and if that player is an active PVP’er. If I find a PVP’er in the PVE zone, I’ll remove them. Hopefully it’s that simple, but we’ll see. Got to start somewhere right?

I was told this was ok, so here it is: