New Server! Core Revolution PVP/Sleeper 50 Slots

Server Browser Name:** US|CoreRevolution|PVP|Sleepers **
Connection IP:** net.connect** (push F1 to bring up console in-game)
Location: Chicago, USA (centralized for good pings for everyone!)
Maximum Player Slots:** 50 **

**Description: **
If you have any balls at all you join this server. We are a no-nonsense server with a few people looking for some good pvp. The admins are probably the best you will ever encounter. Firm but fair. We are having trouble populating the server so if you and your friends are looking for a fresh start there is crap tons of free plots available. We also play a bunch of other games. If you want to know more about our community ask one of our members for the teamspeak info.

**No Admin Abuse: **
As a community we hated the admin abuse of other server admins, so we took the responsibility in our own hands to offer fair gameplay.


No cheating/exploiting.
No Bitching.
No Pansies.

Core Revolution Admins/Members:

[- Invictvs -]
Vanilla Bear
The Prophet

What is the current airdrop player threshold on your server?

We haven’t had many players in the server at once. Currently theres like 6-7 that play. We have it set to 5 right now. We will set it higher once we’ve got a good amount of people.

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Also: We will do our best to keep the server updated when possible in a timely manner. We are really excited for whats in the future updates for this game and want to be able to keep the server running in tip-top shape.

Come play guys! Fun times to be had here!

We currently have the server set for airdrops at 5 people

I’ve been playing on this server for a couple days. Admins are great, but there definitely needs to be more people. For now, since there is not many people I would encourage some noobs to come learn the game, we’ll be friendly :wink:

Forgot to mention that there’s cake.

I vouch for this server. Great people, but currently low population. My group has had plenty of PVE and we need some action! :slight_smile:

Thanks Fatham. We’ve grown by 4-5 people in the last couple days, lets keep it up. Don’t forgot there’s cake!

Greetings fellow Rust players,

I wanted to make a post on Core Revolution’s stance on “Admin Abuse.” The biggest problem with “Community Servers” is administrators. To many times you find out that Administrators are spawning in C4/Weapons/Kevlar/Airdrops. Core Revolution has a zero tolerance policy on Administrative Abuse. The point of an Administrator is to ban “Hackers/Script Kiddies” and to restart the server if necessary. All of our Administrators share the same passionate viewpoint on being an Administrator. Our job is to be a player until called upon to be an Administrator. This means that all of our Admins are 100% legit. We will not use Administrative powers to “get even” on a group that raided our base. If you put in the effort to kill us then you deserve it. We will never spawn in any item. This also includes simple items such as wood/stone/cloth. It is against our policy and attitude to gain any advantage from being an Administrator.

If any of you have ever played in DayZ private hives or many of the abusive Rust community servers, I think you might come to appreciate our policies on this subject. Stop on by for a “no bullshit” experience and enjoy your stay.

Happy Hunting,

Core Revolution Leader