New Server! -> [DE] Ballerbude (Reduced Crafttime, Sleepers, PVP, Doorshare, ActiveAdmins)

Hi @all,

our fresh and new server just gone online. Everything the server needs to get going are some nice players, who want to start
a fresh game on a fresh server.

Here are some features our server provides:

  • Rust++ (Friends, StarterKits, Broadcast PVP messages, …)
  • PVP (Although its a PVP server, we want you to play fair)
  • ActiveAdmins (We really try to be online as much as possible, so we can get rid of the hackers, that make some servers extremely hard to play on)
  • Sleepers is turned on (During the time, you are not online, your character doesnt dissapear. Hes laying on the ground. So make sure you only log out in a shelter or something.

If youre interested, you can try and join us:

net.connect “”

Thanks for reading

See you ingame