New Server Developer

Hi there, I am currently looking for someone willing to help me with my new Gmod server, Currently I cannot pay you, but if your willing to stick it out, we can eventually pay you for your work it would be much appreciated if canjust help with some advice of developing servers and using FTP, or if you can help develop for us!

If you’re interested, please leave a comment and we can get back to you with the details and how you could help us!

We are with a new server hosting company that is as good if not better than the rest.

Do you mean you’re looking for someone who can edit configuration files? And isn’t FTP obsolete, shouldn’t people be using something like SFTP?

I mean someone who can help me with developing my server and can give me advice and help set the server up.

Sounds like you’re pretty much looking for someone whose going to do all the work for you.

Nobody will do shit when they not sure they will get paid or not, incase your server doesn’t make profit

Actually I can do shit for free, but only on Sat and Sun cuz my school fucked up

I never said I couldn’t pay you, its just right now we dont have the funds to pay you. if you are willing to help in any way we will accept.

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No, I am looking for someone to work along side me, with a bit more experience to help me when I need it. not get them to do all the dev work for the server.

why would anybody help you make a server for free when they could make their own server instead

I also have a project, but it’s mainly remade darkrp job and system for realistic, and it will never be released or put on a server cuz I can’t rent one lmao
So I can offer some help if it’s about darkrp :v
Rate me dumb, cuz this cmt is dumb

I’ll do it for $1000 up front

lol seems reasonable

Look I need to make profit here,

$2000 Best I can do.

Like not being able to pay is trumped by the fact that you’re using a “new” host with little previous rep