*New* Server! [EU] Fairplay, PvP, Sleepers, No Resets, Active Admins, Air Drops, No Hackers, Fresh Spawn Friendly



After playing on many other servers, I noticed that almost every server has problems. I have now come to an conclusion that i should make my own server to make everyone have a good experience and enjoy the most of the game. On most servers, servers get wiped without warning, hackers can go on without getting dealt with and admins can abuse their powers and you can’t do anything about it. Therefore I have decided I might as well take the matters in my own hand and get a server. The goal of this new server is for people to enjoy the most of the game as it should be without any interference

This group is made to inform everyone about the latest updates and info of the current server

Server Details

Direct connect: net.connect

Press F1 in game then copy and paste in net.connect


Server Name:Multiplay :: [EU] RustHG | Oxide | Fairplay | PvP | No Resets
Server IP:
Server Port: 28115

Vote for our server to keep it going! http://toprustservers.com/vote/10517



Join us, we have the technology to shoot down supply plane!

Plane is down! We need more inventory for them supplies! Join us NAO!


Le join!


Come, join us in our neverending fun!

Hello there wanderer, seek no more, this is the server you want to join!


Such server!

we’re still here! :*

Come, we are waiting!

Come and join friday night party! Bring your own ammo!