New server: [EU] Noob Friendly, Wipe 31.12, Active Admins, No abuse.

Hello and Greetings.

It is my plesure to present a new server for EU/ Scandinavians. (All others are ofc welcome aswell)

Server info:

Server webpage:

Server Rules:

  • Keep foreign languages to the minimal in map chat, English is the primary language to be spoken. (Even for all scandianvians). And remember: Mapchat is not your personal partychat.
    -** No Door griefing (buildning doors inside other people’s houses)
    No Ceiling griefing** (Destroying stairs and build Ceiling in other peoples homes)
    (The two things above are only destructive and highly demotivating when done. It gives you no advantage and only create dispair for the one getting raided.)
  • No hacks, aimbots, lootsploits or any other 3rd party programs. (include personal mods)

You are allowed and encouraged to raid other people, that includes building stairs to jump into their buildings and blowing the walls or doors down with explosive charges.**

**Noob Friendly: **Our active admins will answer and help starters with the game, and admin will assist where it is needed. But by all means this is **not **a PVE server, it’s a survival server so prepare to get raided and raid other players.

Note: Admin will NEVER restore any lost/glitched or otherwise unaccountable items for whatever reason. This is a strict policy without exceptions.

Airdrop limit: 20 people, to keep the HUNGER GAMES on and let as many people as possible to get a kick start. Admins will never deploy airdrops that are not random generated.

If you have any questions or complaint of a player breaching our rules we have an own website for reporting/informing the admins of certain events.

So we hope people would like to join our server and have great times with us and our other players.

(User was banned for this post ("missed the servers subforum" - postal))