NEW SERVER! - EU-UK PVP Admins Sleepers Airdrops HalfCraft

Hey guys. Ive been wanting to buy a rust server for a while now.
Ive got hundreds of hours on rust and know everything works as most people do.

Its running on OXIDE and provided by MUTLIPLAY so its not laggy and pretty good quality in my opinion :slight_smile:

Looking for people to join and help me get a sort of community going on this server, already got a few friends going to join and help the server.

Got some addons/plugins on the server too!

  • Death Handler

  • Auto Message

  • Ownership removal

Would be greatly appreciated if your reading this to help get this server up and on its feet!


Also loyal players who put hours in the server may get the chance to be admin someday, if theres people to admin over!

Thanks - Adam!

This server is pretty sweet, I have only been on it around 45 minutes and Iā€™m already having a lot of fun! Adam is a very friendly admin and helpful too! I will happily be putting quite a few hours in to this server

yeah its a nice server no laggs nothing and a really nice admin come and play on it its nice ^^

Hey i would love to give major props to the admins / owner of this server , they are extremely helpful and friendly and have an awesome server , LAG FREE , FAIR PLAY and great plugins ! So everyone please check this server out , it deserves a chance .
Thanks for reading =)