New Server: EXILED : Not Easy Mode: 5/29@9pm Vanilla NoDura


This is a pure PvP server - it is not Easy Mode. The elite can thrive here and the new can certainly learn (probably the hard way).


The rules are simple:

No cheating - Hackers and Glitchers will be Banned!
Camping, Griefing and Spanglish is OK.
That’s it!

Following the Wipe - the first Airdrop will not occur until at least 24 hours have passed. Airdrops will periodically after that at least once each 24 hours and each night there is an “event”.

We welcome teams and solo players - message me and I can usually match up solo players if needed. We have a lot of fun on this server and it has rapidly clmbed the ranks into a Top 100 server. This success is due to a great and growing player base.

So, check out EXILED and message me if you have any questions.


lol I like how it says “Not easy mode” AND “no dura”…I take it dura was to hardcore? lol