New server for beginners trying to learn the map , and figure out how the game works.



We have made a server for those of you who just started playing rust , and want to figure out how to navigate , craft , practice your aim and all the other things that rust is all about.

If you have heard about the game , you might know that its a lot of people wanting to shoot you in the face when you are naked and have a rock for a weapon.
We thought that it would be nice to make a server where people can learn how to at least get a weapon , know where they put there house and how they can get food before they go into the deep waters with bandits and crooks trying to kill them when they spawn.

We will be hosting some events in a pvp arena where one day there will be only shotgun , another day bow and arrow. And offcourse everyone is welcome to go there with friend just to practice killing friends or just other players in there.

Admins are active and happy to answar all your questions (only stupid question is if we can spawn in things for you).

We are currently limeted to 30 players so it wont be too many building that can cause the game to go slow on low end computers, but its possible to get 50.

Other than that we are always open for suggestions how to improve our server and if anyone have any ideas how it can me more helpfull we are thankfull for your thoughts.

If this sounds interesting press F1 and write net.connect

PS. if we get enough players and majority gets settled and ready for a full PVP server we can always change the rules evetualy