New Server Freshly Wiped Right Now!

This is a rust server that runs rust essentials only for easier admin and some minor helpful chat commands. No starter kits, well except for the joke one, and no drop changes. Be the first to get loot! There is no stupid admin rules, and admins are active almost all the time.

When is the wipe: Now 3/7/2014 When I get done writing this post around 6PM.

Custom Mods: Rust Essentials and I have 90% of them deactivated. No loot changes. No starter kits. No c4 disabled. Working on this more as I understand what some of this means.

PvP: Is On.

Sleepers: Are on.

Admins: Currently I am the only admin, and I will not play on the server other then looking for cheaters, and I will not side with anyone. If you send me a youtube link or twitch highlight of someone cheating they will be banned. If you team with a hacker you are considered a hacker and will be banned as well. I dont make any exceptions. You know if your friend is hacking and there is no way to deny it. Keep griefing to a minimum and don’t cheat and you will never hear from me, unless I just want to talk XD. If a 10 man group camps a 1 by 1 with 1 guy in it for 2 hours we are going to have to have a talk. Don’t abuse known bug exploits. I dont consider a suicide home an exploit.

Everything is purely vanilla other then some quality of life commands from rust essentials to help new players understand the game better.

Please enjoy and welcome to anyone joining for the first time.