New Server - Friendly Admins / Uncraftable C4 / PvP / Sleepers / Oxide / 1/4 Craft

[US]Buscemi - PvP/Arena/Sleeper/Friendly Admins/1/4 Craft Time/LowC4


Server Capacity: 100

Hey guys please come check out our server!

About the server:
-Air Drops are on
-C4 Uncraftable
-1/4 Craft time
-Arena fighting rewards!

-Player list
-Ownership Removal with Pickaxe - Remove misplaced structures!
-Economy mod

Amazing starter kit (250 wood planks, etc).

The admins are all very friendly/helpful and won’t attack unless attacked first and will always only use legit items.

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not three" - postal))