NEW Server : Friendly+Noobs Welcome pvp/sleepers, regular adminning

Hey All - we’ve got a new server up:

**NoobFriendly pvp/sleepers 12/19

Go to your console by pressing “F1” and then type:

We welcome all players to come join and have some fun playing Rust!

Good luck with endeavor!

Thanks! Please come by and check it out. We encourage pvp but also want new players to be able to get started and have fun playing the game.

My only question is, are your admins fair and unbiased? I only ask because I have cycled through 3 different servers now, and every single one has had admins that either went invisible and scouted for friends or right out attacked me and my group when we went after one of the (literally) 10 back-to-back care package drops the admins called in for their friends. I am all for the PvP aspect of the game, and while I disagree with sleepers, that’s a discussion for another time.

I smell ban