New server Garrys Mod

Hey people here is the new server
Problem is unknown and I’d rather have players and that is why I posted it here to see who wants to come on my server and I would prefer as many people.
Its a serios roleplay!!everyone plays by the rules and if the player does not want to comply will suffer the consequences!!
The forum is:

Considering the way you type, I do not believe that this will be true serious roleplay.

That’s exactly why I don’t call my server serious, the word’s lost it’s meaning.

It’s “serios roleplay”, something completely different.

By the grammar, I can tell its a shitty DarkRp on downtown minmgeshit server owned by a 12 year old annoying kid.

Good point, but what I’m saying is still pretty damn valid.

  1. You made two threads
  2. It isn’t serious, its just another DMfest
  3. They teach spelling/grammar in third grade for a reason

I agree.

good pic on the first forum page

This realy look like the best serios roleplay around here

:lol: Another reason why i stopped playing on the majority of servers with the word “Serious” or even “Serios” in their name.

How bout semi serious? THAT THROWS A WRENCH IN IT STEVEN.

There’s no such thing as semi-serious. You’re either seriously roleplaying or you’re not.

As much as I wish, Dino penis…
I erm.