New Server Hosting Company-MaD Servers


Well the website is REALLY ugly and turns me off.
Btw that M you have as your avatar and on your website is from a energy drink, I highly recommend you remove it from the website due to copyright

Same people that made a 128 slot ZS server with no community behind it and then wondered why it never took off?

That website is fucking disgusting, I mean no effort was put into it.

I get slots for $0.80 and I would pay double from your hosting?

I don’t think so… Sorry

Nice name, but i think its taken ;D

The website looks like shit. Even I can make one thats better (And I fail at website coding)

How can you guys say the website looks like shit? Most people on FacePunch don’t respect anything, and rage on the internet, and not in real life. Dino Penis, Buggzie, and Lebofly, I have no idea what you are talking about.
The Servers are what matter the most, then the website.



It doesn’t even work.

How can I order a server? When I go here and click on one of the icons it takes me to the same exact page I was just on.



When I order a GMOD server, it says 87 slot server is free but when I complete the purchase, (In paypal) it’s 87.95. Wtf?

I am still configuring the prices, sorry for the inconvenience.

Live Support is online.

Why would I want to talk to your “Live Support”? I wasn’t wanting to purchase a server, I was commenting on the fact your website doesn’t even function.

I dare ask how the pricing system works but I’m afraid my brain may explode.

It’s because 0 slots is free, but 1 slot is more. :3

… What?


Since when was constructive criticism negative?


As a company, you’ll receive a lot of criticism. You’ll need to learn to accept criticism and learn from it, rather than rejecting it and not improving like you are doing right now.

That isn’t how it works buddy, if you’re going to advertise something you better expect people to not like everything about it.