New Server Hosting Company-MaD Servers

Adding onto this brost, people will point out every single flaw in something you advertise. So when they do, fix that flaw and less people will “complain”.

Brohoster is a good example of this - when something gets pointed out, they are quick to fixing the problem without going “Oh derp someone doesn’t like what I do”

I don’t like your avatar, it’s too awesome. :frowning:

Negative. Your website is basically the first impression your company will have on people, I also see you found your self a template and you tried to edit it…

I highly suggest you test what you edit locally before publishing it to the public. It looks like shit and it’s very sloppy.

Also, the yellow links on white background was a bad idea.






I see you downloaded the template from:

and funny enough you tried to fit a fucking massive live chat icon into a small round button…

You make me laugh

He probably does not even have a license for it -_-

I reckon he stole it from


Disclaimer of
In no way am I or anyone who works at mogeyq affiliated with MaD servers. We simply just host them live chat. Thanks.

Hey Mad, Id suggest you shut down your website until you have everything functional. Since you already showed your site to the world, it might be too late. This reminds me of that Aus guy who wanted to sell Game Servers and had a terrible non functional website. Don’t take it as negative comment, take it as a suggestion. Put more time into the visual candy people want to see.

Wasup stuky ;D

Uh… You can get 500 FPS on a GMOD server?



You should…

Shutdown Website.
Edit Copyright Year
Cpanel is not TCAdmin
Fix Live Chat
Integrate WHMCS into your template.
Add Capatcha to your contact us.
Hide the success.php file or be spammed.
Add slogan to all pages.
Link to
Link client login to the client login page not WHMCS Default.
Rename the admin section.
Lots more.


make your own template or atleast hire someone to make one for you, Not go and buy a pre-made peice of crap.

Rated dumb for thinking a trademark is the same as a copyright.

out of intrest, how many have you sold?