New Server Hotness No Admin abuse

Hey all come join “New Server US East PvP/Sleepers” Got about 20 players at peak looking to fill the 200 Slot server! No abuse or trolling just some RUST FUN!!

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Server Name: New Server US East PvP/Sleepers (it will be changed at a later date)

Location Chicago, IL (eastern US)

Max Slots: 200

Direct Connect: Hit F1 to open console, and copy paste “net.connet” the server will then show in your history tab after connecting

About the Server: While at the time of this post the server isn’t even 24 hours old yet, we are very eager to increase our player base on the server. We promise a fair gaming experience while on our server. This IS a PvP Server
Why Play Here: Sick of admins abusing powers? new to the game? this server will be great for you. While our admin team at the moment just consists of friends who have played multiple games together we are happy to help our players out with any questions they might have. We promise no admin abuse and a fair gaming experience for all, hope to see you soon.

any questions? feel free to reply or add me on steam: `hypA

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