New server info in side US pvp vote so on no admin abuse. NO Decay

— Lag Free, Top of the line Host Server

Slots - 50
Up-time - 24/7
Active Admins

-Server Commands and Info:
/vote. get 1 Supply Signal a day Good for your own air Drop-
-/Remove this well take down parts of your base and put it in your back pack.
-Door /share
-Instant Craft
-Anti-cheat software

More info
/Group let you make your own Group and chat just to them in it :slight_smile: /ghelp - Group help commands
Sleepers disabled
Air drops with Air drop cords
/list (player list)
We use jail,
/Pm talk in private

Server Rules:
Breaking any of these rules may result in being Jailed or banned

  • No Hacking/Glitching/Cheating/Griefing.
  • Do not add or replace metal doors when raiding the bases of others
  • No Suicide/Unraidable no need on PvE anyways
  • Avoid Racism/Politics
  • Avoid Exploits

so whats the net connect for your sever

sorry i forgot it

morning bump


Server up and running with great mods to help out looking forward to meeting ppl