24/7AdminSupport,Share,PM,instaCraft,PVP,Sleepers,& Airdrops.

this is a new server that just opened up and is looking for regular players.

it is a hacker free server with friendly players.

donations are accepted to keep the server up and running but NOT REQUIRED.
donations are also rewarded with in game items.

if you have issues with the server ther owner and main admin IckyMuck1991 is on most of the time to help resolve problems there are also 4-5 other hidden admins aswell. (these admins are players in the game and keep their names hidden so they can play in peace)

Airdrops drop often when there are 3 or more players on the server and items are a little harder to find but the admins are working on getting the ration and drop rate currect (so please bare with us if things dont drop as often as you would like)

this server will stay hacker free, any hackers found will be banned on first offence but if you keep getting killed please dont start claiming others are hacking without proof please.

this server is a PVP server so if you die its part of the game. the current players are friendly and will try to help any new players starting out.

please come check out the server when you can.