new server looking for a community

hey guys, a friend of mine just started a server on 22/12/13 and we want to see if we can get a nice community going. currently we average 8-15 players around 5:00 mt. i have only seen 1 guy running around in full kevlar that seems to be friendly and their are not many huge house. their is close to no deserted houses due to lack of raiding without explosives so theirs lots of space for people to build.

pvp is allowed on this server.
griefing is allowed but not in a dick way.
the minimum required players for an airdrop is 10 (so as of right nobody has explosives which is nice for you new comers.
sleepers is on.

quick connect is…

so just press f1 in rust and paste that then press enter to join the server

the server is labeled as Facebuster-pvp-slpr-NoAdminAbuse

hope to see you guys on the server!!!

(User was banned for this post ("missed the servers subforum" - postal))

Well you’re in luck! This forum’s not so new server subsection is looking for a community as well!