New server, many problems.

For my like computer its all fine as in like I can run anything really, not great with computers:P so no idea what most of the things to list are, but my laptop is fairly new and I have not had a game it won’t run yet.

Mods on the server, cat mod for pet, drugs mod, thats about it, I think.

Hey, I have got a server, does 18 people max, no lag and seems pretty good so far. (That is another thing, who do you all think is the best to rent a server from? I am using CS one)

Using DarkRP, I have a lot of plans for it, I want to host a great RP server, darkRP is meant to be bad, but also easy to use, so for my first time, I will use it.
Really want to have a good roleplay server, not like most of them out there that use DarkRP, I will have roleplay on my server, I have some very good ideas for jobs and ways to make roleplay extra fun.

But always happy to hear the people’s ideas, likes and dislikes for roleplay.

Got a few problems fixed so far, but models are a problem, I know that each model needs text when uploaded to the server but that will be like 2000 lines…I am wondering is there another way? like must be a faster and easier way to upload the models.

Anyone that has skills with servers, ideas for making roleplay better, skills with photo shop or anything you may think will help a server, please contact me, I really want to make a roleplay server that isn’t like the rest.

Got someone to do a logo, which coming along well.
But photoshop skills are always needed.
Ideas are always needed.
So thank you, hope all on the thread is ok.

I can help you out, but what would I get in return?

My thanks isn’t enough?:3 Of course that is fine, I already thought about returns for peoplw. But what do you mean you can help out? in what way? the model problem? photo shop? props? ideas?

I can web design (Check out my website here:
I’m okay with Photoshop (No where near perfect, but I’m okay)
I can help manage your server (Installing mods, maps, skins)
Anyone can do ideas right?

So there you go. I’m your classic server helper. :biggrin:

Just added you on Steam, we can talk there;3

I didn’t get an invite. :aaaaa: < That’s me.

Odd, redone.

Il be glad to help you as a lua coder. I added you on steam

Main thing at the moment is to get the models uploaded on the server, how are all the ways of getting this done?