New Server: =|Mars|= Oxide, Active admins, Starter Kit w/Supply Signal, Sleepers, .5 craft NEW 2-9

Hello all,

Love this game, so we put up a server. We played around on many different servers and we gathered up some of the cool mods that enhance your RUST experience.

Some of the features of this server…

Regular random airdrops when the server is 10/50.
Owner Removal(you are able to destroy misplaced pillars/foundations/ceilings etc. with a pickaxe)
Kill Notifications
Damage Notifications
Oxide w/Basic Economy
Un-modded loot tables, so the experience is consistent to the Dev’s vision.
Starter Kit w/Supply Signal&Shotgun!!!(just some early fluff to help get you off the ground for faster PVP) Be smart when you use your Supply Signal, ninjas can and will come to try and take it from you, so go to a far area and call it in to protect it
We are not wipe happy, it is annoying and we want to allow players to build up nice bases to defend from, thus only wipe when we must due to the Alpha/Beta process.

The server is located in Dallas, come join the fun.



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Press F1 to bring up console and then net.connect

Bump for new peeps

Bump for new peeps, come throw down :slight_smile:

Happy V day, come kill peeps!!!

Bump for peeps

Bump for more peeps

Server mods have been fixed

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Start kits have been fixed :slight_smile:

Free Coffee and Beer!

Best defense is a good offense!!!

Most mods working, including starter kit w/supply drop and a shotgun WOO!

Basic Econ needs updating but everything else is good to go!

has hackers on it didnt last 30mins i was running to my house so far away at the border of the map that no animals or resources spawned…a guy speed hacked to me i went to hide he found me with ESP…he also found my house hidden close by or he was an admin…so ether hackers or admin abuse wish i was recording would be awesome to put a link for it the guys name was TheDude he also killed a guy with a pistol 200m away right after joining the server im no expert but 200m away sounds far.

Come get some

TheDude was killed, by an admin no less, so you are mistaken in your assessment of your surroundings, thanks for the bump however.

30 mins and found a hacker, I have been on this server everyday since 2/9 and only had to ban 1 person due to suspicious behavior, hard to imagine your 30 minutes was that lucky.

Hackers will be banned here.

Come come!