Hello everyone,
I have started my own server. Right now we have about 20 active players with plenty of space for more!!! I am the only admin at the moment but I devote a MINIMUM of four hours each day checking player logs and tracking actions on my server. The server has been live for about a week now with airdrops and all. I have logged several hundred hours of game-time on official servers and got fed-up with hackers. NO I do not abuse my abilities. I play the game just like the rest of you. Unless I am solving an issue I am to be regarded as a normal player in-game. I will not complain about getting raided and having to start over.

The server code to join is
Or you can search for it in the Modded tab as MULTIPLAY;;AmBraN1;;TPA\KITS\NEW FRIENDLY\NO WIPES

Thanks for reading and I hope to see many of you on there!! Happy Hunting!!

If you are looking for admins me and my friend would be happy to help you.

That could def be a possibility. Right now it’s just me, but as we get more and more players I will need more admins to keep up. I haven’t done a whole lot of recruiting yet, just been getting blueprints and letting everyone get acclimated to the gameplay. I am hoping to grow to the point where we have about 30 players online all the time.

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The server also is running at half craft speed and a reduced durability penalty right now.


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This is my steam ID so feel free to send me a friend request and the server should pop up in your friends tab

Got a few more players but nothing close to full! Need more players!!!

UPDATE!!! New features added!!! Now supporting oxide with in-game store, automatic door closer, door sharing, base alarm during raids, sticky notes you can leave for other players to find and read, and starter kits!!!