New Server. Multiplay EverRusted pvp/sleepers/vanilla/drop@7

The Server has these features…
-PvP enabled
-Sleepers enabled
-Air drops enabled at 7 players
-Groups/Add Remove structures with pickaxe/Player list/Time list/ Chat History)
-Newb Friendly
-No wipes (Unless absolutely needed)
-Cheatpunch enabled
-Door Sharing enabled
-**Everything Craftable **

The Rules…
-No Hacking
-**No Griefing **
(No douche-baggery of any kind)

The server can hold 55 people and I will add more slots if it becomes an issue. I do regular back ups and can be reached by private message here on the forums, or on steam (Templar Asheron). I have three admins at the moment that will never abuse their powers and are there to ban hackers/griefers/teleport you to your friends. We are a casual server but do not shy away from pvp. I encourage you to join in on the fun and invite your friends and also encourage you to contact me with any issues/concerns/suggestions you may have. I have mumble but have not set it up yet, I will shortly though.

Steps to connect…
-Start up Rust
-Hit F1 at game menu
-Type net.connect
-Hit enter
-Have fun!

(I aim to have an admin available at all times, server is located in Atlanta, GA)


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Bump, added some mods such as groups/add and remove structures with pickaxe/ /list for player list and /time for time of day display

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Come check the server out! Admins don’t cheat, we are active, and we love to play the game legit! Groups make it easy to stay in contact with friends, player list handy to see who your in game with, and not to mention being able to remove that pesky wall you misplaced. A new server so that spot you love to build at is probably yours for the taking!

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/list for list of players
/time for display of game time
/gcreate NAME HERE to create a group
/ginvite NAME HERE to invite to your group
/gaccept to accept a group invitation
/g TEXT HERE to send messages to your group
(those are the basic controls for group, there are more that you can look up)

-Added chat history mod