New Server Multiplay No Rust Till Brooklyn(US)Admin,Noob Friendly,Airdrop

US East Server: Multiplay No Rust Till Brooklyn(US)Admin,Noob Friendly,Airdrop

Active Fair Admins
We welcome all play styles
Currently small friendly player base willing to help out new players

Come check us out and have some fun!

By far the best server I have played on yet. Fair active admin that are very helpful. No abuse at all with active airdrops! I have died and gone to Rust heaven. Can not say enough good things about this server.

Very friendly server I like it join us and have some fun

My first three servers I dealt with admin abuse, having a great time here so far!

US East Server: Multiplay No Rust Till Brooklyn(US)Admin,Noob Friendly,Airdrop

Great server, very friendly players and admin plays fair. Fairly new to the game and they gave me a lot of help to get me on my feet. New to the game this is a great starter server and has potential to make it big as long as it stays the way it is. Highly recommended.

First couple servers I played on had a lot of admin abuse but the admins here are pretty fun. Mostly friendlies but there’s a couple pvpers to keep you on your toes. Overall having much more fun here than I have in the past but it needs players. Definitely has awesome potential.


I have had a lot of fun on this server, even if the fire fights can get pretty interesting during the evening hours!



Breaking rocks in the hot sun… I fought the rust but the rust won.

And I rust… I rust so far away… I gotta rust away.

Population is steadily growing, come rustercise with us!!!

Wasting away again in Rust -a -ritaville, looking for my lost pickaxe and ore.

Fly away on the wings of a lion. Waiting on the Moon to rise from the ashes.

Who are the team noven members?

I’m Team Noven.

Im team noven and always will be, oppose us and you will find yourselves with a cap in yo hiny

lets go team joker whos rolling with us. team noven is the dark side

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