NEW SERVER - Multiplay :: [US]cent | Oxide | Instant craft | Heavy Modded | Fast pace PvP

I have just started up my own rust server. I am the only admin currently on this server, and I also work a full time job. I will do my very best to keep hackers out of the server, and keep up on the maintenance as much as possible. I have added a couple mods to the server to allow the players to help me out. 1 of these mods is the ticket mod. It will allow players to submit a ticket to me, so when im not online you can still send it to me, and when i am online I will be able to check them and answer them as fast as I can.

If players submit tickets for cheaters, I will review the logs, and also all tickets. If I receive 5 or more tickets about the same person cheating I will ban them even if they are not online so they will not be able to join back up next time I am offline.

As time goes on regulars who I trust can be given access to kick/ban commands to help me monitor the server during the day.

My goal is to create a community for hundreds of players to play at any time they want to. If this server becomes a success I may add more servers down the road. I also have a 150 person mumble server that is able to be used by anyone who plays on the server. In the near future I will be working on a website for the server for players to communicate outside of the game.
NOTE: I would like to be able to keep the server up and running for 2-3 weeks between wipes. I know this is very difficult to do, but hopefully with the newest update, and people wanting to pvp instead of building bases this will be something that can be accomplished. - please again, feedback on this is very helpful as well!

to connect, paste net.connect in your console. I hope you all enjoy your stay!

Airdrops are set at default currently. When I am online playing I will be randomly doing airdrops across the server.

server edits:
env.timescale “0” (stays at the time set)
env.time “11” (set time of the day)
falldamage.enabled false (no fall damage)


ECONOMY. this will allow players to have in game money. you gain money by killing others, and can lose money by dying. You will be able to use this money to buy in game items (weapons, ammo, supplies, resources, etc.). I am looking for serious feedback on this particular mod as I feel it will be a love or hate type of mod.


NO admin abuse. I am the only admin right now, and I do not abuse it.
/location. tells users their coords and gives them a url to plot them on the map.
ADMINHELP - /adminhelp <message> For normal users to send a message into the admin channel. Only the user himself and admins can see this message.
/ar <user> <message> For admins to privately respond to user-requests as a generalized “Admin”. Only the specified user and admins can see this message.
4 - Base Alarm. Base Alarm is a plugin that alerts the player when their base is being attacked.
5 - Chat history. /history shows last 20 lines of chat.
6 - Day settings. it is always 11am in this server! Never worry about getting lost at night!
7 - Death messages. Shows who killed who in PvP.
8 - DOOR SHARING. /share your doors with friends!
9 - FRIENDS. /friend to show your friends list /friend “name” to add someone to your friends list /friend remove “name” to remove someone from your friends list (can’t be friends again!)
The removal of someone from your friends list means you can’t add him back to friends list
10 - GRASSOFF. Grass is off by default! no more typing this command every time you join the server.
11 - GROUPS. You can create and delete Groups. Also you are able to invite players to your Group. They can accept or decline the invitation.
12 - KITS. /kit starter will spawn you with a pretty hefty starter kit. can make a 1x1 base and start killing right away! No need to spend an hour farming and collecting just to get started!
13 - LIST PLAYERS. /list will give you an organized list of all players connected to the server.
14- PRIVATE MESSAGING. This plugin allows you to send messages to others without using the global chat.
type “/pm name msg” to send a private message to a certain person.
15 - STATS!! /stats : Gives the user kill and death count. /ranking: Shows top 10 killers and top 10 losers. (TODO)
Just need a low player count on my server to debug it.
16 - TICKETS. Tickets are persistent private messages to admins They are used to ask for support, report players and other questions.
Each player can have 1 active ticket: /ticket to show your ticket /ticket “text” to open a ticket or update your current ticket /ticket close to close your ticket
17 - PING. use /ping in game to check your ping.
18 - INSTA CRAFT. No more waiting 10-30 minutes on those long craft times! get back to Pvping or resource hunting in no time!

very nice sever and goals i would love to call this place home if you dont mind :slight_smile:

Everyone is welcome, except cheaters! Come on in. Hopefully the people that give the server a try in the beginning continue coming back even with low server population. I have been doing what I can to advertise the server.

realy god server worth to play in come and join

worth a bump come and try

just logged in. come join in some fun.

server seems to have glitched while I was at work. It is up and running! come play!

we have setup 3 different kits for the server.

/kit will show you that “resource, starter, and pvp” kits are available.

What each kit contains:

/kit starter - this kit can only be used once!
-Sleeping bag
-50 rounds of 9mm ammo
-10 cooked chicken

/kit resource - this kit can only be used 3 times!

-38 wood planks (enough for a 1x1)
-metal door
-500 wood

/kit pvp - this can only be used 10 times!

-100 rounds of 9mm ammo
-full set of leather gear
-Sleeping bag
-Pick axe
-5 large medkits
-5 wood barricades
-10 cooked chicken

Very good server with all the good mods, really excited to get started on this server and hope others will share that thought. Bigzz is also a very friendly guy and deffinitly a good server host/admin. I can deffinitly recommenced this server to anyone!

We have added the removal tool to the server. You are now able to destroy any object you place. This includes pillars, foundations, and ceilings! When you mess up, just start over! It is currently set to default, so you have a chance to get some items back when you tear them down.

Simply walk up to the item you want to remove, and using a PICK AXE attack the object once. you will get a warning message, and if you attack it again it will go away.

note server is currently using version 0.60. it’s a known glitch that you can build up and remove objects under stuff to have “floating” things. This has already been fixed in version 0.70, I am just waiting for my provider to upload the latest version so i can add it to the server.

ownership tool has been updated to 0.7.3, so everything works as it should.