New server need help with config.

Hello me and my friends bought a server yesterday and im now trying to figure it out.

Somehow instacraft and sleepers is working through console, but whenever you exit the game and logs on again, its gone. Also tried to type it in cfg, but still not working, anyone have a solution to make it permanent?


Check this for the server commands

Double check they are the correct format in your cfg file.

If there’s still an issue, post back here. It might help to post a copy of your cfg file, editing out any sensitive information such as the rcon password.

##Current server cfg
##Do not edit these variables!
rcon.password “$$admin_passwd$$”
strueerver.hostname “$$name$$”
##Below this line can be edited or added to
crafting.instant true
sleepers.on true
server.hostname “$$name$$”

This is what it looks like now, or do i need to put the rcon pw in that sentence as well as server name?

you have a typo in server.hostname you have strueerver.hostname

I’m not sure if that’s a copy and paste error, but if not there’s your problem.

check your server.cfg and also make sure you are editing your active profile for the server. (Looks like Multiplay is your host) DO NOT EDIT THE VALUES WITH $$command$$ that is scripted by your hosting provider to use the name and password fields on the page. It will auto input that information into the file.

Sleepers in normally on so you do not have to specify this.

In the server.cfg file add the follow line:

crafting.instant true

Then save this file and restart your server. If all went well you should have instacraft.

If you are using oxide you have to edit oxides server configuration file with the same command above.

Also some other helpful commands…

env.time 12 (makes the time in the server noon)

env.timecale 0.000000000000000 (Makes the server time stay day)

instead of crafting.instant true, change this to say crafting.timescale “0”

Tried everything, cant get it to work :frowning:

Make sure to click “Save and apply” when you edit that config in the profile of your server. If you only click save when editing the active profile it will not update. Clicking save and apply restarts the server.