New server need opinion to make it best server there is

me and a friend has started a server it is dead atm … we have the remove tool but we need more people and think if we can add some more add ons to the server maybe we can get this thing going we have built a few massive arenas and do events ingame there is active admins me and 2 others. Help us out and post what you like we want this the most active server on here come on guys

I can guarantee that you will not have the most active server.

All you can do is advertise for your server in the server subforum. Past that there’s not a lot you can do since everyone has different opinions on things.

Judging by what I’ve seen on the forums, it seems that vanilla servers are most popular.

subform? im new on here… so no idea and everything that ive seen is that people want war and kits that give you everything so on so forth just trying to get people opinion on it and i know it wont be most popular just trying to help the owner out so not a waste of money for him