New Server - Need Suggestions

Hey! My buddy and I have just started a roleplay server and we need some suggestions on which mods and settings to use. We were planning on using ‘DarkRP’. What Admin scripts should we use? Mods? Addons? Leave some suggestions, please! :smiley: Thanks in advance!

What kind of RP are you going for on your server?


Use something like Cider. It’s much better. Anything but DarkRP.

Just casual RP. The usual.

DarkRP should be fine for just casual RP. Could you be more specific in what would happen on your server?

What would an example be of specificness?

Just the types of activities players on your server would be involved in. Maybe some information about the setting. How much crime/violence you expect would be good to know too.

There would be Gun Dealers, police, a mayor, etc. The setting would be not too normal and not too berserk; it would be normal city life. We were expecting about a normal amount of crime and violence.
Also, we were going to use rp_downtown_v2. Is there a better map?

What is Cider?

Normal is relative. Is this “normal” for the stereotypical DarkRP server, or “normal” for real life in a small town?

RP_downtown_v2 tends to bring a lot of minges with it, so I’d recommend something else.

Normal DarkRP server.

What other map would you recommend? We do not want rp_evocity_v2d because of the cave bug as we cannot find any fix for it.

Which admin script should I use? ULX? Assmod? Other?

:doh: I said normal was relative! The kind made fun of as being “DarkDM”, or the kind where roleplay happens?

Either of those mods should work. Assmod is a bit easier to use in my experience, but I’ve heard that ULX is very powerful.

Yeah… We like Assmod because it is a lot easier to use.

What map should we use? We want a map that has roads for people to drive on, but has a gun shop, restaurant, etc. Also, speaking of roads, how do we make it so the cars spawn automatically and belong to the world so the Car Salesman can sell cars?


Ok so we plan on using NewAdmin since it is as simple as assmod and powerful as ULX.

Why would you use NewAdmin? The guy who made it is working on a new admin mod now.

you should use Evolve

It looks like it is mainly geared toward Sandbox.