New Server [ New System] Play rust Come and See Please!

New Server New Gaming System. Try it!
[ES] [Nitrous Networks] / Kit & Rustic Airdrop [No C4 Craft] Wipe 3-3-14

Groups, Share, Pm, Cheatpunch.

New System airdrops. It could not crafting c4! So only (Mod To The airdrops Are Equilivrar) are obtained from the normal loot airdrops.
That said all players are entitled to 3 different kits.
/ Airdrop 60Min Kit: Request a Supply Signal Every Time!
/ 4H Starter Kit: A Small House 1 Foundation anything else.
/ Kit Rustic 1 Min: Anyone can ask Y’s all Morrala stone but better :slight_smile:

I hope with this new system to get c4 Forcing people pummeling and farmear less.
Kit and you defend your cooldown is dedicated to steal from others
You will be able to spoil any Naked and plays with / Kit Rustic.

Coming Soon Forum White List and if everything works!

Steam Group:[Rust]SimioCracia