New server Noob Friendly|0.3 craft|24h Admin|10+airdrop|ban hacker


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Ban hacker? This is a joke right? admin is online like 30 min a day and he do not response to your questions.

And here is my story again.

It was about 1:00 (in Poland). We wanted to raid a base. Then a nude guy comed in looked at us…reloged. And suddenly he appeared in kevlar and m4.(i think he is the second admin nick Listenup) He shot us in like 2 sec all 3 headshots (sic!)…then they located our base and spawned like 100 c4 and destroyed our base 9dont say thats possible to collect 100 c4 because the server exists like 3 days and there where NO AIDROPS because of small anmount of people). We gone furious and loged out. The next day our 10 floor 3x3 tower base with spikes was COMPLEATLY GONE!! realy guys dont play on this server! Admins are TOTALLLY abusing their powers and players are using cheats to get revange on their other players.

P.S. I give links to the cheaters.

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I won’t stop posting my opinion about this server.