[New Server] Noob Friendly - DoorShare|1/2 Craft|No Decay|Active Admins (Details Within)

Hi Everyone,

A friend and I both decided to run our own Rust server, which we will commit our time to for a very long period of time.

We are both mature people, will treat our player base equally and ensure that everyone enjoys their stay.

What you are guaranteed is a running, lag-free server that will stay for a very long time.

There is never a need to worry that the server you’ve invested your time and effort into will one day disappear.

Server Name : Noob Friendly - DoorShare|1/2 Craft|No Decay|Active Admins
Server IP is :

Features :

  • 100 Slots (We can expand when the need arises)
  • Door Share
  • Active, fair and mature admins - Both are employed and are business professionals. So yes, we can afford to keep this server forever :slight_smile:
  • Notifications (Server announces who killed who with what, server announces who joined/left the server)
  • Starter Kit
  • Server tells you who is online and how many players
  • No Decay (May change depending on how many houses are built over a period of time)
  • Low Military Weapons/Gear Drop/Spawn Rate (C4, M4 and Kevlar Set)
  • Air Drops every 2 hours (No minimum # of players required)
  • Private Messaging
  • Chat History
  • HACKER FREE! and we will make sure to keep it that way :slight_smile:

The server is located in Ohio, USA, but it has an amazing connection, so anyone from across both USA and Canada can play lag-free.

Both admins are located in Toronto, Canada.

We look forward to seeing you there! Play with you soon! :slight_smile:

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