New server! | Noob Friendly | Oxide | Many MODS | Sleeper | PVP |Chicago

Server has burned for a week without any issue. I cant say the same for the last two through other providers. 70 slot server, friendly to noobs.

Server is based in US/Chicago
Starter kits (Bow/arrows/raw chix/sleeping bag)
PVP / Sleeper
Long daylight rotations
Portal to Arena area (with your own place to call home while at the arena. Just bring 2 metal doors)
Home portals (based on economy. No money? No port)
25 slot TeamSpeak server (details in /rules on the Rust server)
Friendly player base. Shoot, don’t shoot, etc. Teams encouraged.
Last wipe was 2/15. Wipes are only as necessary
Assholes and cheaters are encouraged to find a different location