New Server on Rust. (Just made so everyone is on equal ground)

Server Name: Multiplay :: Terror-Arise Oxide/PvP/Sleepers/20-Airdrop/Active Admins/PM/Location-Mod/Noobs-Welcome/Fresh Server 1/25
Server Host: Multiplay
Server Limit Players: 100
Server I.P: net.connect

About the Server:
We are a new player friendly server. It is a brand new server giving everyone the same base to start on. All of our admins are active and I personally as the Owner, am very active. We have key features to help to remember your bases location and find your friends with /Location. Our server has very little to no lag and won’t crash due to powerful DDOS protection. With any questions please contact me on steam at -Name Ideas-.

Join our brand new community looking to gain loyal members and admins today.

Thank you,
Name Ideas

(User was banned for this post ("missed the servers subforum" - postal))

There is a server advertisement section. That is where I advertise my Desolation Server at.