New Server Operator Rules

Hello, I figured it would be a good place to make a public post in regards to the new server operator rules posted here: Server Operator Rules - Garry's Mod Wiki

The intention of the post is:
A) To gather more information for everyone who hosts servers.
B) To ensure the rules are being properly understood.
C) To spread awareness of the new rules to prevent server owners from being blacklisted.
D) To help update the rules in the instance that the Facepunch staff deems it necessary.
E) To reduce the number of emails robotboy655 has to endure.
F) To help blacklisted server owners get more clarification on why their server was blacklisted.

So for the first section:

Sexual violence

Any form of sexual violence on Garry’s Mod servers is disallowed.

This includes but is not limited to:

'Rape' SWEPs or other sexual violence gameplay/roleplay jobs
Audiovisual content of minors which is illegal
Audiovisual content (including in-game models/props) displaying any form of sexual violence

There are roleplay servers out that the engage in Erotic Roleplay (ERP.) Is that no longer okay or do users have to accept an agreement now that they are of or above age? What is the definition of sexual violence? Are there other forms of sexual violence than rape? BDSM?

Malicious actions

Malicious actions towards server’s players are not allowed for any reason .

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Wiping/corrupting players’ data/ folder, or the clientside SQL database
  • Filling players’ data/ folder with useless files or illegal content
  • Altering players’ customizable spawnlists or presets in any way
    • Safely hiding customizable content and displaying custom content instead is permitted
  • Crashing players’ game on purpose
  • Preventing players from leaving the server via custom “main menus”
  • Force showing illegal or inappropriate content
  • Releasing private information about a player to the public (IP addresses, real names, pictures, etc)

Is intention required here for when player data gets corrupted?
What if a bug in the code caused the corruption of player data?
What determines and defines a ‘useless’ file?
Illegal in respect to what jurisdiction of law? The server’s location? Facepunch’s location?
Are drug mods now prohibited?
Is murder now prohibited?
What is a custom ‘main menu’? An escape menu?
What are the requirements for a custom ‘main menu’ to be okay? A disconnect button?
What are some examples of force showing content?
What is the definition of inappropriate content?

Any official answers I am sure are greatly appreciated by the server owners of this community. Everything else seems to make sense and is clear cut. I think it would benefit server owners to have more clarity and definitions in accordance to the will of Facepunch.

The general situation is to not show sexually offensive content to people who would not want that. Another is to not screw up the client. Such as using files to fill up their disk space or deleting their preferences, etc as outlined.

They’re not going to define specifically what counts as illegal/ legal, since you start to get people rules lawyering and try to skirt and work around them.

The custom main menu is normally removing the ability for the player to leave the server, and some people do not know how to exit Gmod otherwise.

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I don’t really see what needs to be clarified here to be honest. All of these things look pretty self-explanatory.


While I can understand where you are coming from, Tank, on the self-explanatory part it is dangerous to assume. For example: What is inappropriate to person A may be appropriate to person B. Person A may prefer Freedom of Speech. Person B may prefer no Hate Speech. You can’t have both. So now we are at the mercy of interpretation via an individual’s perception which varies person to person. We need to know what is and isn’t ‘appropriate’.

Wyvern, your point on rules lawyering is important to address here as having this gray area of what is and isn’t okay could lead server owners to losing out financially due to something which is not properly defined. Definitions in contracts are very important to avoid confusion between both parties involved. If a server gets blacklisted it is up to the server owner to figure out which rule was violated according to the Server Operator Rules. When the rules aren’t specific enough that becomes a major issue.

Also, every lawyer worth his salt will tell you the governing law (jurisdiction) is important to know when entering contracts. After reading through Facepunch’s legal documentation I’ve located an answer of interest to the above questions I asked:
Illegal in respect to what jurisdiction of law? The server’s location? Facepunch’s location?

11.2. If you are resident in the USA:

To the extent not covered by the Dispute Resolution and Arbitration language below, you and we agree that your use of the Facepunch Services, and this Agreement, and any issues arising out of them, will be deemed to be entered into in San Francisco, California and governed by and interpreted according to the laws of the State of California, USA (and, if applicable, US Federal law) without regard to choice of law principles.

Source: Legal - Facepunch

Are drug mods now prohibited?

According to California State Law Marijuana is okay for adults. Other drugs are a no go.

Is murder now prohibited?

According to California State Law; murder is illegal. Do we ban killing in Gmod? That is ridiculous in my opinion and I’m sure many would agree. That is why the defining of ‘force showing content’ is vital here so we know how to display illegal things in a server appropriately, whatever that means.

Why do people make such simple things very complex? I understand now why Facepunch didn’t do this before, people interpret things in such an unrealistic way for simple game servers.


They are fine as long as they don’t have sexual violence.

Sexual intercourse where one of the party is unable or refuses to consent.

It’s ok if it’s consensual.

That would be negligence, depending on the damages you’ll have to provide evidence and in the end it’s Facepunch that decides if they like you or not, Garry punished only assholes with a bad standing in the community in the past.

A bug is unintentional, could be easier to prove the above.

File that does nothing

Usually laws are similar in most civilized countries. I’m guessing all of the three, unless you are planning to show CP and use the excuse of living in the Philippines.

It’s not real drugs


Hijacking the main menu so people can’t leave the server

It says it’s allowed if done safely, just make sure it all works and all the default buttons are easy to find as to not inconvinience the player.

Porn, Gore, the usual…

Porn, Gore, the usual…

EDIT: This is my interpretation, we do not have an answer from Facepunch.

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