New server or bigger map

Ok things seem to be quite crowded, we could really use either a new server or two or a larger map. I know it’d be easier to pull in a few more servers than create a new map, so maybe that thanks. With the way keys sell it means we’re pulling new players in every hour so if something is not done soon the overcrowding might discourage some people from playing, I know I already hear constant chatter in-game from all the folks just coming in that they can’t get started acquiring stuff because they keep getting killed right after spawn.

then don’t live at spawn, the map is gigantic.

The whole map isn’t open yet is it?

They just need to spread out the resources because whenever i go to places where nobody lives i quickly find out it is due to the lack of resources in that area.

They should spread 10% of normal resources throughout the map so some people will move out.

I don’t know how the engine works, but I would like to think that if you hike far away and lay foundations with walls/doors in a general area would trigger a spawn after a certain duration and start to become part of the ‘random spawn’ system for resources. I ran as far North, then as far east as I could. It was a wasted trip. Outside of trees there was not one stone, not one animal…etc. I was in a mountain region…no stone? I can’t pickaxe a chunk from the huge mountain? hehe.

They might just be keeping it tight for testing reasons. It is alpha :slight_smile:

Pretty sure the map is 16x16km currently with most of it not available, and I remember Max posting that they wanted to reduce the map size to 8x8km. Just an FYI.

As far as i see, you spawn at random locations. And the map is not nearly “gigantic” in any way. Atleast when there are so many people playing it, there are houses EVERYWHERE and I have learned the entire map since yesterday. They needs to make the map seriously bigger.

How much of the map is actually livable though? Like 4x4km?

The map is 8.5 kilometers only 3 kilometers is survivable, you can also wander beyond the survivable area to only be doomed to walk lost and confused, you will only see trees and more trees nothing else material wise

All that needs to happen are adding resource spawns, loot drops, and airdrops across the map. It’s pretty big as is. Everyone just sticks to the same areas for what they offer.

I would like to start by saying I am loving this game. However I must agree the map is too small as it is. I see in the server list today that the cap is 500 people!! When the population gets into the 90’s it becomes very very crowded. I would love to see a lot more map eventually or player cap per server reduced to around 50~60.