New Server! [Oxide] Doorshare, 1/10 Craft, Airdrops [NEW 1/28]

Title: [Oxide] Doorshare, 1/10 Craft, Airdrops [NEW 1/28]

Hey everyone,

I have a new server set up as of today. I currently have Oxide running with several mods including:
*Airdrops (Hourly)
*Oxmin (We are currently looking for more dedicated admins to regular our servers that will uphold integrity and will not abuse admin powers)
*Removal Tool (Pickaxe will allow for removal of misplaced items)
*Chat History
*Player List
*Crafting set to 1/10th normal time

I plan to add more mods such as kits, but seeing as I just set it up yesterday/today I will need more time to add the rest.

The server IP is, and it has a 100 person capacity. Admins will receive a reserved slot. Those who abuse their powers will be banned and reported.

A few rules:
*Absolutely no hacking (ESP, Speedhacks, duping, etc.); this will result in a permanent ban.
*No griefing (specifically referring to building foundations, staircases, and wood barricades to gain access to players’ structures)
*Report hacking incidents to an active admin rather than spamming in chat. If no admin is available take note of the player’s name and post it here so that I can investigate the issue.
*Most importantly… HAVE FUN!

If you have any issues, feel free to message me or post your inquiry in this thread! See you all in game!