New Server Problems

Hello Facepunch.

I have recently bought a garrysmod server from and it was working well at first until I had to update it.

Problems arised like odd barnacle effects, whenever someone or I destroyed a barnacle it would dissapear and a group of red crosses would fly out in a circular form,

Also you cannot hear some npc sounds like antlion guards, zombies and such.

Sometimes the server would crash when someone rejoined.

And im sure thats it.

If you guys know why this is happening could you reply back?

The barnacle thing is normal, but the NPC sounds and crashing is not. If you’re thinking of a new host, PM me. I can recommend you to a few great hosts.

I there no way to fix this barnacle glitch?

And the npc sounds and crashing happened on my other server too. Before I switched to Xfactors.

Not that I know of, it happens on my server too.